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Meet Jessica Spellman

Jessica Spellman

Jessica Spellman

Jessica Spellman holds an M.B.A , Global Entrepreneurship and is a professional model and Brand Ambassador.

***** Summary of Promotional Work *****

Alita: Battle Angel – Extra – 20th Century Fox – Robert Rodriguez/James Cameron – Austin, TX (2017)
Charles Schwab – Internal New Hire Online Video – Charles Schwab, Inc – Austin, TX (2016)
Dream Girl – Chris Nungary Student Film – Art Institute of Austin – Austin, TX (2014)

ORS Haircare Monoi Oil – Katherine Larson Photography for Flashstock on Instagram (2016)
ThirdLove Bras – Edward Newport Photography for Flashstock on Instagram (2017) more…


Meet Andrea Jackson

Andrea Jackson

Andrea Jackson

Andrea Jackson joins Broadcast Academy Incorporated as our Secretary. A Staten Island, NY native Andrea aka “Nyobi” holds a bachelor degree in Sociology. Her attention to detail and remarkable memory are only a couple of  her many skills. Andrea has been with our organization the since our inception. Cheerful and always eager to lend a hand. Andrea will also conduct workshops focused on developing administrative office skills, and jewelry making.